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Re-enable loudness equalization after updating to Windows 11 - case of Realtek High Definition Audio


Typical area that is difficult to notice problems is audio playback. Even if it looks playing fine, sometime enhancements as loudness equalization don;t work after updating to Windows 11.

Installing Windows 11 in full update install, Windows 11 overwrites Windows 10. Basically, drivers on Windows 10 are inherited and work on Windows 11 as well, but their advanced features are not sometime.

This post introduces procedure to re-enable loudness equalization of Realtek High Definition Audio.

Conclusion ahead

Uninstall Realtek driver, and apply Microsoft standard driver. There is trade-off as loudness equalization normally functioning or Realtek enhancements.
Loudness equalization is the choice of this post.

Realtek High Definition Audio

After updating to Windows 11, Device Manager shows Realtek is normally recognized. Settings also indicates normally, Sound on Control Panel provides Enhancements tab. It looks everything is working fine.

But switching on and off of loudness equalization, nothing change in sound. Apply button is not activated, too. It means that the driver is working fine, but enhancement is not.

Although appropriate approach is to install the latest driver, it is already installed in this case. Even reinstalling drivers has no effect.
In such case, uninstalling Realtek driver, and check whether Microsoft standard driver is applied automatically. And reconfirm whether enhancements are effective as expected.

High Definition Audio Device

Rebooting after uninstalling Realtek driver, Realtek is recognized as "High Definition Audio Device". Microsoft driver released at September 27, 2022 is applied. Settings also indicates normally. Revisit Enhancement tab in Sound on Control Panel.

Playing sound with switching on and off of loudness equalization, sound changes as to switching. Loudness equalization was re-enabled.

Switching from Realtek driver to Microsoft driver brings trade-off as

user gets loudness equalization normally working
user loses Realtek sound effects
Realtek enhancements
Realtek audio console

If Realtek functions are priority, reinstall Realtek driver. AS long as loudness equalization and virtual surround are effective, it is OK in case of this post.